Grow your wealth with premium alternative assets around the world.
Faster. Cheaper.

Ariya Digital is an alternatives investment platform that combines an expert network with DLT to give you exclusive access to better assets, around the world.

On our members-only platform, you get:

Curated premium, alternative assets

Our global network of experts lends their local expertise in foreign markets to hand-pick alternative assets that meet your target returns.

Low investment minimum

Invest in alternative assets at a fraction of their original minimums so you can flexibly build a more diversified portfolio.

Streamlined investment process

We perform the time-consuming actions of negotiating with and acquiring due diligence materials from asset managers, while providing you maximum transparency.

Automated process to minimize costs

Minimize your administrative burden by using our automated compliance functions.

Discover a variety of alternative assets across the globe

Whether it’s real estate, agricultural projects, or renewable energy assets, the Ariya Digital platform will bring you quality assets carefully assessed by experts with your wealth preservation in mind.

Real Estate
Value-Add Commercial Real Estate LLC
VA CRE invests in and actively improves prime commercial real estate in secondary cities in the US.

Income & Growth
US Secondary Cities
Dividend Frequency
Renewable Energy
Canadian Solar Farm Fund I
CSF invests in a portfolio of solar farm assets in Ontario.

Dividend Frequency
Agricultural Lands
West Coast Crop Land Fund I
CCL invests in crop land in California and the Pacific Northwest focused on high-income crops.

Balanced Growth
US West Coast
Dividend Frequency
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Track and analyze your portfolio returns

Institutional-grade analytic tools help you better understand your portfolio’s exposures

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